Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coriander eating Possum

I planted these coriander plants in my pots a few days back, thinking how lovely it would be to have fresh coriander to put in my salads, etc and after the first day, one plant was just stalks and the next morning so was the other one. We have possums in the garden in the evening, so I obviously have a possum that has taken a liking to coriander. I thought that they only ate fruit, roses buds, but this one likes a bit of flavour with his food. Here is a photo of what has been left.


  1. Oh dear Susan! Those possums can be tricky little devils, I can remember the possums sneaking in and eating my jelly beans when we lived in Brisbane.
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  2. I think that I will have to go to Bunnings and buy some "Poss Off"....a enviromentally friendly spray. The possums don't like the taste of it and tend to leave the plants alone!

  3. I can sympathise Susan... We lost our tomato plants and chilli plant (can you believe that!!) a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like I need Poss Off as well!!!
    Kris :)

  4. Possums eat just about anything, Susan. If it's a brushy you might try poss off, or try spraying your plants with fish sauce apparently they don't like that either :) You could mix a bit of chilli in it and you've got dinner well started he he!