Monday, June 22, 2009

Feel like a Tim Tam

To stop myself eating Tim Tams - it is so difficult when it is cold and you just feel like something sweet. Once you open that packet, you just can't stop. So to keep my hands busy and mouth shut, I decided to make a bear from recycled fur called Tim Tam. Now my fingers are sore, but I think that Tim Tam is as delicious as the biscuit.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Now I can show you......

Now that the Black and White Ball is over, I can show you the bears that went to the Ball.

Firstly, there is Diana. She is on the right. She is made from a recycled mink fur coat is a beautiful cream shade.

Then there is Caramello. He is on the left. He is made from mink fur coats in ginger and cream shades.

Lastly, pictures in the middle at the top dressed in red, comes Mr and Mrs Warren dressed for the ball. They are made from a Schulte mohair/alpaca ratinee blend.

Please go to my website for more information about the bears.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a wonderful week!!!

Now that the Black and White Ball is over on, we can catch our breath. What a lovely range of bears and critters were available. The winners of TACDA awards were announced and Katrina from Bumble Bears was the winner. Her bear was absolutely gorgeous. Linda from Benson Bears and Kim from Russel Bears were the runner ups. I was a nominee. I entered the Domino Brothers, which is the picture on the right. I think that Sandi Smith did a fantastic job and everyone had a great time.